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Hi there! My name is Reagan and I enjoy writing occasionally. Some of what I write could be classified as biblical inspiration or creative memoir, and some of what I write may be described as southern fiction narrative for women and some for children. All of my works are influenced by upbringing in the top notch of the Bible Belt, United States, and also now my life residing in the bustling soup pot city of Austin, Texas (we’ve got a little bit of everything). 

I grew up in North Carolina and recently moved to Texas with my husband of 12 years and two young boys to join the core team of a new church plant in the city. I managed somehow to scrap my way through a master’s degree in English Literature from Northern Arizona University, and in spite of it my days are spent navigating (blissful and chaotic) busy mom-life, homeschooling my kids and—of course—stealing a few quiet moments to write.

I like to summarize my ambitions as such: If my life is solely an experience of God’s endless love and mercy upon my undeserving soul, that will be enough to call this run at life a success.

I would love to hear who you are! Please consider sending a brief “hello” over by using the form below!

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I’ve been so privileged to be invited to participate in the following discussions:

Miss Teacher-Mom Podcast

Christ-Centered Success for Moms

“There’s a lot of noise out there, but only one voice that matters.” That’s how Reagan Reynolds summed up her newfound freedom from the goal of being well-known and leaving a visible legacy in the world in this week’s episode. From the pursuit of feminist literary studies and academia to landing a job in a large tech corporation, Reagan prioritized worldly achievement until Christ changed her perspective on success. I loved hearing Reagan’s perspective on being yoked to Jesus and focusing on the assignments He gives her, most of which are now private and hidden from the world. Reagan also shares about her new relationship with social media and the effect she’s seen it have on the hidden work of motherhood and homemaking.

Work & Play with Nancy Ray

A Year of Contentment with Reagan Reynolds, Part 1

A Year of Contentment with Reagan Reynolds, Part 2

My friend Reagan has a heart of gold—you’ll see in our conversation, just how amazing she is. She lives in Wake Forest, North Carolina, not far from me, with her husband of 10 years and two young boys. And the whole reason I interviewed her is because she took the Contentment Challenge to another level. She and her husband, Jeremy gave up shopping—get this—for the entire year of 2020 to pursue a greater life of contentment and eliminate debt. I think their story and how it all turned out is going to inspire you like crazy.